Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Sleety, snowy, rainy, coldy. Good music lesson at 9:30. Before getting up I lay in bed and dreaded the dull day that stretched before me. I wished that I could sleep through it. But when I got up, I was in a better humor and felt fine all day. Practiced one hour before dinner. Nearly drove Mother crazy. Lunch. Dad home all afternoon. I read in Lit. & Life and at night practiced again. A week from today! Oooh! hair looked very nice today. Love to laugh and be gay. Dad and I are going to learn “Somewhere a Voice is Calling” as a duet. I love it. Also, “Out Where the West Begins.” Can hardly wait till Monday. So glad today is over! At night I had the bestest dream about Mary, Mac, Bunny, and I. Especially Bunny. When I awoke I thought it was real, Diary, honest! If only!