Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Like Spring. Partly cloudy, windy, wonderfully mild. Went to chapel. I played “There’ll Always be an England.” No Mary. Made 87 and a half on English exam. Awful! In history, we divided into groups and worked on activity. We figured out all the details of the witch trial. Bunny sat in my seat. We drew numbers — luck was with me — I drew 19. After class I got up the courage (although I was trembling) to ask Bunny about Ruth Mary. He was very nice but I know he despises me. Ah, love! In Latin we had a personality test. Got along fine in typing. At noon I got so tickled and finally told Mom about Bunny. As I was coming out of typing room I banged right into poor Bunny. Poor me! After school, Mac and I went to town. Felt very young and gay. Glorious wind. Studied at night. Dear tomorrow! Dad saw Mr. Black about Mary affair. All well so far. Last night I had a nightmare — terrible! Today was so lovely that its beauty hurt. Dear Spring, please come soon!