Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Bright, gorgeous, windy day. Beta Club met in morning. In English we have a terrible assignment for this week. What do those teachers think we are? In history, Marg. Kyte had some records on famous composers’ music. The victrola sounded funny and we all got tickled. Then had some dull reform reports. I finally yielded to temptation and put my head down on desk like many others; Clueny shamed us later and I apologized. Hate Latin sometimes! Guess what? Mary came back in p.m. — Mr. Black had sent for her. Most of fourth and fifth periods Alford, Davis, and Black spent in office talking with Mary. She found out about Dad. All well. She came in fifth study hall and sat with me and then went in office with me last period. We laughed and talked and were serious. She is beautiful! G.L. was back for a little while. Mary not coming back till Monday. She is so sweet — her feeling has returned. After school William drove us to town and then home. (Helen, Mary, and I.) Bright, beautiful, blue sky. To music lesson. Studied at night. Mom and Dad away. Wish I were dead! In fifth study hall, Hugh P. kept opening windows till we nearly froze — once I told him, “If you open that window again, you’ll get something besides air.” Bunny likes Mary — a lot.