Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Clear, sorta mild, springy. Went to chapel. Neither Jean nor I played. In history, more dull reports, but at least a saving “battle of the sexes” conducted by Dorothy Swanson. Four girls versus four boys. I was one of the honored (?) and so was Bunny. Fun “coaching from the sidelines.” G.L. told me one answer. I got one and missed two. No one had read the chapter. Boys won four and a half to four and a quarter. Prize — a sucker. Fun. Harold S. back. Dull Latin (as usual nowadays). Used carbon paper in typing class. After school I went home with Ruth and then on to Jean’s. Met Mom there. Soon other pupils of Marshy and she herself arrived. Also some parents. We all played our pieces. Did pretty well. All raved about mine. Joe Posey came and took our pictures. Jean said she and Wanda B. had been talking about me today — I expected the worst, but this was it — that I looked so pretty today and that I always looked neat. To town afterwards. At night, finished theme and read. Mom and Dad to church. Birds on trees beautiful.