Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Bright, glorious, cool, not cold. Mary sent me a note by Ernest — about going to the movies this p.m. together and then spending the evening at her house. At noon I sent her an answer explaining why not. In history we had loads of fun — truth and consequence test; laughed till I almost cried. Then our turn came and everyone giggled when I stumbled up to the front enveloped in a sheet. After reading a report on witchcraft we gave the witch trial — and Mary L. didn’t put a bit of expression in it. Earl got things mixed up and I nearly smothered inside the pillow case. The onion made me cry instead of Marg. Made 90 in typing. Last period Mr. Black had me type some for Rotary banquet tonight. In good mood. Mary phoned and we made arrangements about tonight. Walked with Ruth after school. In glorious mood. Music lesson at 4:30. Mrs. Marsh sorta put a damper on my high spirits. When I got back, Mary and William were there and we went driving. Mary let it slip about J.G. and William teased me. Mom and Dad went to Kiwanis. About 15 to 7:00, Mary and William came back and we drove to the show. Very crowded. Saw “Virginia” in color. With Madelaine Carroll, Fred MacMurray. Very good. Mr. and Mrs. Farmer drove me home. Mary said “Love you.” Tomorrow!