Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cloudy, cool, cleared in afternoon. Milder. Sunday school. Ruth and Pan not there. Ella has had her hair cut. Didn’t stay for church. Came home and studied. About 2:30 after dinner and dishes, Helen and I went over to Mary’s. Both of them had on new dresses. Helen looked so pretty. William took us riding. I honestly believe Helen likes him. We all teased them both. Mary thinks William likes her, too. Went to Norris Creamery. William bought us some ice cream. To Christian Education late. Fun afterwards. George pinned a picture on unsuspecting Miss Davis’s back. Wondered what happened when she discovered it. G.H. and I went to town (drug store). Home again. Lovely and much milder. Helen and I discussed William. George dined with us. Had lots of fun. Nearly died laughing. Then while I did dishes George imitated Mr. Roosevelt for me. Studied horrid history. Mary planning to be at school tomorrow.