Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Fair, much warmer. Lovely. Saw two movies in Chapel. Thrilling one on the army and another on the events of 1940. In English we read each other’s short stories. How I ever liked Mildred Tilley I don’t know. She’s awful! Got our history papers back — made 91. Have to write them for next unit. In typing, got a lot done. Finished a budget in office. Lovely afternoon. Helen and I found excuses to go to town and we went. Talked about William mostly. I honestly believe it’s getting serious. Came home and studied hard till about 5:15 when Mary and William came by in the car. They had driven Helen home from town (she went again!). Had fun talking and teasing William and Helen. From what Mary says, William really likes Helen. Ah! Mary looked so sweet — she’s coming back to school tomorrow. Just as they were leaving, I gave Mary, upon request, the note I wrote about a week ago. In wonderful mood when they had gone. At 6:30 walked up to Mrs. Cummins’s. As soon as all members of the cast had arrived, we went over the play. They certainly miscast Blanche H. as grandma. Through about 8:40. Practiced. Mom and Dad at church. Do hope Mary will be back to tomorrow!