Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cloudy, wonderfully mild. No test in history. So lovely at noon. In typing, had to do Gettysburg Address from memory. Had time test — broke my record with 40-5. Very surprised, but Royal gets all the credit. I wasn’t a bit nervous. Spent whole fifth study hall hunting for report for history — neither Mary nor I could find a thing on our topics. Gave Mr. Ballard an English report instead of my excuse to sign. Very funny. At 2:45, Ruth, Jeanne, and I were excused to play at P.T.A. Mom there. Out before high school. Waited for Helen. She persuaded Ruth and I to go to basketball game. Our first. We all went home first. Helen had to go to music lesson first, but Ruth and I went on and saved a seat for her. Sat with Betty S. Fun and exciting. Freshmen girls beat Seniors. Junior boys beat Sophomores. Some got so mad. Clay was on the team. We teased Helen to death. Enjoyed it a lot. Lovely and springy out. At night studied and practiced. Mom and Dad went to see “Tobacco Road.” Mary and William came while we were at game.