Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cloudy, lovely, like yesterday. Was hoping Mary would be back — but no soap. Easy test in English. Sorta fun in history. Gave report in Latin. Made 41-5 (95) in typing, instead of 40-5. Finished all lessons in fifth study hall. Mr. Ballard sent me out of office last period so he and some students could have a private conference. Bunny was in there. Trouble abrewing. I wrote Carolyn and read a one-act play. So lovely out. Home after school with Helen and Rufus. Can’t describe the strange feeling I had of something in the future — couldn’t understand it. Practiced an hour. Then played with Barbie awhile. Later Helen and I walked up to park and back. Played tag. Expected Mary and William but they didn’t come. I never want to forget this day. The sunset; the soft, dreamy clouds; the delicate feathery branches of trees and bushes; the green, green grass at Walker’s; the mild Spring breeze with a heavenly odor. Also smoke. Had a hurried but good supper and then at 6:00 drove down to Presbyterian Church with Mom, Dad, and Mrs. Stevens. Still light. Walked over to Mary’s. Talked awhile. Said “heck” by mistake. Mrs. Farmer laughed. They persuaded me to go to the show. So at 7:00 Mary, William, and I walked to theater. Saw Tobacco Road — very depressing. Out at 9:00. Walked to Mary’s. Mom and Dad were at Hornsby’s. Soon came and we drove home. Lovely starlit night.