Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cloudy, rainy, cooler. To Sunday School and church. Sat with Elle. Dr. Ore delivered sermon. Very good — first one I’ve heard in a long time that had a point to it. Then had congregational meeting to vote on new minister. Decided on Mr. Jones. Hope he is the right one. After good dinner, Helen came — just in time to help with dishes. About 2:30 we left for Mary’s. Took shortcut via railroad. Had to crawl under freight train. Hit my shoulder — clumsy! Mary not home. Decided to walk over near Missop. Started to rain a little. Went up to pool. Daffodils and violets in blossom. Tender young leaves first coming out on trees and bushes. As we were coming back down the road we were teasingly talking about Clay and Earl, and who should we see walking past but Earl, Clay, and Jimmy French. Nearly fainted. We exchanged waves and a few teasing words. They passed on and Helen and I sat down by the stream and threw rocks in. Presently, the boys came back and joined us. We talked and all threw rocks in. So much fun — seemed so strange. We waited till 4:00 but no Miss Davis, so Helen and I left for Christian Education while Clay and Earl waited for Jimmy. Got there first. Soon Earl came. At 4:20 Miss D. and Elle showed up. Miss D. had overslept. We teased her. At 6:30 Dad, Mom, and I went to the Baptist Church with Helen. B.Y.P.U. Dad sang in adult group. I stayed with Helen. Home at 7:30. Listened to radio. Dad left for Nashville. Dread this week. Had such fun today. It was so different. Gert and Spencer here today.