Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Nice, much milder. Lovely mild day. Bunny didn’t go to Athens. I said that something would be true if he didn’t go. After school, Helen and Roby went to Ruth’s to practice Silas Marner. I got home and decided I didn’t want to study so got something to eat and set out for Ruth’s. Lovely Springy afternoon. They were waiting for Helen Webb but she didn’t come, so they started practicing. I was the audience and I criticized Helen’s “Thank you, ma’am, thank you, sir” till we all nearly died laughing. Also imitated her curtsy. Left about 4:45. On way home, Helen and I passed Clay on his bike. George had to yell out and remind Helen that Clay was near. Helen is more deeply in “love” now than ever. Practiced. At 3:30 practiced play in auditorium. Sorta fun. Home late. Margie and Ann seem so insincere. They put on too much.