Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Nice, milder. Didn’t go to Sunday school (George Custer) but did go to church. Morton Lane drove me down. Just in time to keep Ruth and Mary F. from going home. Dr. Garnlon from Knoxville preached. Very good. Paid Daddy a compliment. After church, Mrs. Miles told me that Dorcus Jane said she’d like to come to Sunday school every Sunday if I were her teacher. My goodness! Walked home with George. He’s in love again. Mary and William drove up just as we were arriving home. I got in and we went riding. So good to see her again. She isn’t very well according to the doctor. When we got back, we sat in the car and talked. Helen came down. About 1:00 they left. Mom and Dad came. Rushed through dinner and dishes, and at 1:00 Helen, George, and I went over to Mary’s. Sat in car and talked. William drove us to church in time for conference at 3:00. I had to play for them to sing. Sat with others in discussion group — Miss Davis’s. Then went downstairs and got acquainted by means of matching Bible books. A grand scramble. I got a boy from Spring City. Then supper. No good as usual. Went outside and ate. Lovely. We girls helped with the dishes — fun. Everyone except Ella — she went walking! Helen had to leave early. Lovely walking home. Daffodils beautiful. Ate supper again at home. Listened to “One Man’s Family.”