Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cloudy. Nice, rather cool. Mary came — William drove her. I nearly fainted. Doctor said she shouldn’t come back to school this year, but there she was. Classes so much more interesting. Test in history — made 96. Mary came back in afternoon to bring her excuse, and she stayed. Got mad at her in fifth study hall because she started to tell me the secret and then didn’t. But in office last period, she did tell me most of it — I promised not to tell even you, Diary. Sometimes I don’t understand Mary at all. She rather frightens me. After school, since I wasn’t in the first act, I drove around with Helen, Ralph F., William and Mary. Took the first two home and then they took me back to school. Had fun. Practiced play in Junior room. Through about 5:00. Walked uphill with Laurence and G.L. Teased and had fun. Ruth rescued me just in time. Didn’t feel like practicing, but did. In hilarious mood. Sang “Alexander is a Swoose” till Dad told me to put on another record. About 7:30 we took Helen, Mrs. McClure, and George and drove over to school to Birmingham — Southern College a capella choir concert. Raining. Lasted (concert) till about 10:00. Wonderful. Best accompanist. Sat with Helen, Ruth, and Hudsons. Fun today.