Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Nice, warmer. Mary not at school. So dull. Class meeting in morning to decide about place of banquet. Some discussion — rather heated. Coming out of history, G.L. embarrassed me — right in front of Bunny — said, “I think Earl has just about got up the courage to ask you to the banquet.” In typing, Marg. and I did letter guides. Fun. Walked with Ruth after school. Lucky Helen went to the show. Mother had Legion Auxiliary meeting. After music lesson, I played my two pieces after refreshments. They all raved. I nearly got sick eating so much. In glorious mood. Sunshine and flowers and warm breezes everywhere. When the last dog had been hung, I played the piano. At 6:30 Mrs. C. came by and we drove over to school and practice. Dorothy wasn’t there, so I took her part in first act. G.L. said I’d make a good Carrie. Mrs. C. said I could really take any part. Home at 8:30. No one there. Went to Clure’s and read magazine and helped her. Mom and Dad home about 9:00 and 9:30. Mom saw Mickey Rooney in “Andy Hardy’s Private Secretary” — wonderful.