Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Lovely, warm, Springy. Went to chapel just for the exercise. In English had a test and a conjugation. In Latin, Goody had us all march into the library and get a Reader’s Digest to read. She’s been trying to get us to broaden ourselves by reading things outside schoolwork. So we read and learned — it was fun. No assignment for tomorrow, just read. At noon Mom left for Knoxville to meet the train bearing the Williamses. We didn’t have any 12:15 class but instead at 12:30 went to chapel for a 45-minute movie. Sat with Helen and Roberta. Quite warm. Spring fever day. After school when Mom returned, I went to Miss King’s and helped Mom select a Spring bonnet. Then washed and curled hair. Was late for 6:30 play practice, but it didn’t matter because I’m not in first act. Fun practicing. I drove with Mrs. C. and Miss Alford to take J.P. Ross home. As result, I didn’t get home till about 10:00. It was fun, though. Daddy out late on fires. Country burning up.