Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cloudy in morning. Cleared in afternoon. Milder. Dreamed last night that I almost got married. Funny. Miss Tindall back at Sunday school. I played for the beginners and primaries. Stayed for church. Sat with Ruth, Pan, and Ella. The latter had too much lipstick on — looked terrible. Communion and Palm Sunday. Very interesting person in church. George borrowed a tunelon [?] or something from A.B. and played “There’ll Always Be an England.” Mary and William drove by after church. Mary can’t go back to school anymore this year — she was so sweet. Early dinner. At 2:00 Mary and William came in car. They tooted the horn at George around the corner and we hid on them. Then drove out to Walnut Hill to Christian mission. Lester pre-school. Very good sermon. I couldn’t look at him all the time. Got out about 3:00. William, Helen, Mary and I went driving. Lovely out. Mary and I sat in back seat. Talked about school. I guess I hurt her — she almost cried twice. I’m sorry. Passed Clay twice and William honked and waved. So did Clay and Helen. Very embarrassing for Helen but very romantic. Mary’s latest ailment is having crying spells. To Christian Education at 4:00. Hated to say goodbye to Mary. In C.E. Ruth led and afterwards she gave us all a lecture on behavior. Ouch! But really I did feel terribly ashamed although I didn’t show it. Helen didn’t like it — but advice doesn’t hurt anyone. Went walking with Helen after we got home. Lovely Spring twilight. After supper I studied and at 7:30 Mom, Dad, and I went to an Easter contata at the South Methodist Church. I sat with George. How that poor boy suffered. Most of the music was very good, though. Had fun teasing George. Love today so much… Wish it didn’t have to end. Dread school without Mary.