Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Nice. Cool but warmed up in p.m. Went to chapel. The Baptist missionary from Brazil spoke. Very hard to look at when he speaks. Again at 9:00 we heard him in the high school gym. Test in history and Latin. Terrible to think that Mary will never be back. Have to write precises [?] in English for tomorrow. After school I went to see Mrs. Brashears about music club. Then Helen and I walked till 4:30. She coached me on the third act. Our room won the poster contest. A badly needed dollar added to our treasury. So much milder and trees so lovely with their branches tipped with balls of light green. Practiced. At night we practiced the play at school. All three acts. Miss Alford there. Kept us till 9:40. Anne drove me home. Mother up in arms. Phoned Mrs. C. for keeping us up so late. No can do again.