Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Rather cool, warmed up in p.m. Rained. Test in history. Made good. Bunny kept me ducking. Fun. For Latin, we went into English IV to hear Mary Eleanor give a book review on personality and business. Bunny there. In office last period, Bunny came in at the first to telephone. Later someone called for him, and I had to go and get him. He spoke to me after the conversation. Ah! After school, walked with Ruth and Helen. Had friendly argument. Weather lovely — cloudy and milder. All nature so beautiful. Mom entertained missionary society at 3:30. It was sprinkling when I left music lesson at 4:30 and found Helen waiting for me to go to town with her. Nearly fell down twice when my crepe soles slipped on the wet pavement. Funny. Rained hard coming back. Nearly drowned, but didn’t mind — very mild, and the world is so green. Refreshments were in full swing when I returned, so I partook of them also. The end tree at the Waterhouses’ is in blossom and they are so green that they are yellow. All the leaves are budding now. Everything was so beautiful.