Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cloudy, rainy, a bit cooler. To chapel in morning to hear the missionary again. After English, Bunchy told me I would make a good English teacher because I asked intelligent questions thus showing that I was interested. Ahem! Fun in history. Afterwards in the hall while I was waiting for Mary, Bunny stopped and told me about the flag that the Seniors have bought for the school. Flutter! But I didn’t feel so funny — still, I never expected him to speak to me voluntarily. Ah! We got out of Latin again to go into Mrs. Geasland’s history class and hear Mrs. Bunch talk on the World War. Bunny was there. Very crowded. We had to stand. She passed around a lot of “souvenirs,” which her husband or brother had in the war. Very interesting. Felt so nice. Wish it could have gone on forever. As I was going home at noon, it started to rain, but the sun came out and made the world so lovely. The tree so green at Waterhouses’. By the time school was out, it was cloudy and soon rained. Rode home with the Hudsons. I entertained the Junior music club. Helen as a guest. About 17 present. Fun. Refreshments — gingerbread. Over about 4:30. Mom, Helen, Lavella Christmas and I drove to town. Helen and I followed Mom around and shopped. Rained hard. Saw Clay. Practiced play at 6:30.