Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Good Friday. Perfect Spring day. Warm as summer. Daddy has holiday today. Lovely and mild when I left for school at 8:00. Just as Mary S. and I were rounding the corner, Mary and William drove by and picked us up. Mary was going to hear the contata and get her books. At 8:00 she went to chapel and heard the same contata that I had heard at the church the other night. It was better today. The front was decorated with flowers and branches of hedge and ivy — smelled like a funeral. Right in the middle was a cross of golden flowers. Very hot. So lovely outside. Sky so blue. Budding trees so green. Test in English. Having Mary is so wonderful. Sorta fun in history and Latin. Seems so near the end of school. At noon I didn’t get off early and William and Mary drove Helen and I home. It was like a summer noon. Dad home. Prayed that Mary would be back. She was. We cleaned typewriters the whole period and got our hands nice and dirty. Fun. In fifth study hall Mary read my diary. In office we were all alone ’cause both coach and Mr. B. were absent. We talked and, just as Mary was going to tell me something, Mr. Goddard came in and rang the bell. We were out at 2:45. William drove Helen and I home. We sat in the car and talked awhile. Actually hot! Then Mary and I went around in George’s back yard to see the fruit trees in bloom and to pick violets. Helen and William stayed in car. When we came back around, George was there asking embarrassing questions. Helen and William drove him to town, and Mary and I talked. We sat down on the curb and she said she had prayed that Pie would like her. Also that she felt perhaps what has happened to her might help me — I felt like a murderer. We weren’t in the mood to be serious so she didn’t tell me the rest of the secret. When Helen and William came back, Mary and William left. Mary said I had been sweet today. I went in and practiced till I nearly went crazy. Then I went up and talked to Helen awhile. When I was sitting on porch later, George and Joe Coury came by and stopped to talk. Fortunately, I had to be at 6:30 practice at school. After a lot of discussion we were all excused to see the Senior play at South Harriman. I went in Margie’s car. Play not worth trouble it caused. Home 9:30. Lovely night. Margie and Anne are plain [?]. No good. Loved today.