Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Beautiful, wonderfully warm. Music lesson at 9:30. Then washed dishes and hair. Thought I’d never get through everything. Mom baked both muffins and gingerbread. After dinner took bath — just like summer and Miss Tindall came before I was out. We hid the Easter eggs in the back yard. About 3:00 the children started arriving. At last eleven came. Hunted eggs, played games and Mom served refreshments in the back yard. Dorcus Jane Miles so cute — her mother told us how she had prayed that Jesus would send her cat some kittens for Easter. He did and Dorcus stumpted her mother with the question, “How did Jesus make the kittens?” When Mom asked her if she had thanked Jesus she said no, but she would as soon as she got home. About 4:00 it was over. Sorta fun. I went up and sat with Helen and Barbara for awhile on their porch. About 4:30 Mom, Helen and I drove to town to look at Easter dresses for me. Finally got a sweet pink silk one at the Dress Shop. Had fun. At night I practiced and studied. Ah, tomorrow!