Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Little Diary

Lovely, warm as summer. Best Easter ever. Up earlier than usual to polish fingernails. So lovely first thing in the morning. Mom and Dad had to leave at 9:00 to sing at the Baptist Sunday school. I dressed in my new dress, blue straw, and white slippers. Felt wonderful. Most beautiful Easter day ever. I had such a nice time going to Sunday school. Miss Tindall wore a corsage of roses. More children there. Miss Spencer took over class. Sat with Ella in church. She wasn’t dressed up. She said, due to a Fellowship Club party Friday night, she was beginning to see what Helen saw in Clay; he took her home and Ella called William a moron. Beautiful flowers in church. Good sermon. Dad sang “Holy City.” Saw Helen before dinner and told her about Ella. Said she wouldn’t mind if it were anyone but Ella. At dinner I spilled something on my new dress. About 1:45 Mary came, all dressed up. George and Helen came, too. I hurried and dressed and at 2:00 Mary, William, Marg., Kay, Helen and I left for Walnut Hill.

Big Diary

Dear Diary — I’m afraid I won’t have time to write in full about Good Friday and Easter in this diary, but they were so beautiful (on the whole) both in weather and events that I want never to forget them — although I don’t see how I could. The weather was just like summer and the trees are like miniature palm trees. Mary visited school all day Friday; we heard a contata in chapel in the morning; and we (Helen and I) went to Walnut Hill with Mary, William, and Margaret K. on Easter Sunday afternoon. No Christian Education. I wore my new pink silk dress today and felt grand. The day was just perfect. Daddy gave Mother an Easter lily (3) and Mrs. McClure sent over some beautiful yellow flowers of different kinds. Oooh! the Spring is so wonderful! Miss Tindall showed me her engagement ring yesterday and this morning she had a corsage of pink roses. Ain’t love grand? P.S. Helen doesn’t think so at present — Ella is in the process of falling in love with Clay.