Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Lovely, still warm. English test sorta easy. Worked on theme in history. Started Ovid’s poetry in Latin. Two tests in typing. Got 46-2 on first one (99). Hope I can make A- this month. Nice in fifth study hall. In office I looked through a Stephens College catalogue which Miss Davis loaned me. Oooh, Diary, it’s wonderful! If only I can go there! When I looked outside the trees were the loveliest green and the sky was dappled with grey clouds with the sun rays peaking through. I’m so glad to be alive! Good music lesson at 4:00. No more scales till the fall. Rejoice! P.S. Book Worms met a few minutes after school. Helen waited for me in the hall and Clay stood and talked with Ella. Mother entertained three ladies who couldn’t come to Red Cross tea. I played three pieces for them (Mother Lane).