Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

(m) Lovely, warm. Chapel in morning. Harry Wester played piano, harmonica, and sang. Reverend Taylor spoke to us. Test in English to start new term off. Made my forty words in typing. Got a lot done in fifth study hall. Have scanning in Latin poetry. After school Helen and I went to town. I had a headache and felt awful. Got my white slippers from shoe shop which have been dyed navy. Look so good. Got travel book at library. Ride home with Mrs. Stovers. George and Helen went to town again, but not me! I practiced and ate supper. Dress rehearsal at 6:30. Teachers and ushers as audience. Forgot half my things and Miss Alford got mad as I ran home during first act and got them. Mom drove me back. Got so tired of changing clothes. By 10:00 still weren’t through. Had to have pictures taken. Mom came for me and fussed to Clueny and Davis about late hours. Clueny said I made 99 on test. Home late. Very tired. Dad away. We took Cummins down the line. Very warm at rehearsal.