Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cloudy in morning. Nice, hot, very summery. In chapel they gave a skit from the play — the tooth-pulling. It seemed to go over very well. We of the cast stayed and practiced till 10:30. Back just in time to join Latin class in hearing Mrs. Bunch review “There Shall Be No Night,” a play on the war. It was very good and made me vow not to waste my life. It was lovely at noon — had rained a little but was clear and warmer. I just didn’t feel like studying in the afternoon. At 2:00 we of the cast were excused. Mary had sent word by Ernest that she wanted four tickets. Not knowing how to get in touch with Ernest and being too tired to figure it out, I walked over to Mary’s with the tickets. Saw her lovely apple trees in blossom. She was so sweet. Pie is too sick to come back here to school and isn’t coming back to Tennessee again — climate doesn’t agree with him. Poor Mary! I nearly roasted going home and did — Mother bawled me out when she found out where I’d been. I realized then how foolish I’d been but I was too tired to think of any other way of getting the tickets to Mary. I rested awhile and cooled off. Mom very angry and promised me a nice punishment.