Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Beautiful, warmer in afternoon, clouded up. Up at 6:20. Mom and Dad got up at 6:00 to work in the garden. Beautiful bright morning. After breakfast I went out in the garden with Mom and picked some narcissus for Goody. The sky was so blue, the trees so green, and the lilacs so fresh and fragrant — seemed like summer, but I’m glad it’s only Spring. To school at ten till 8:00 for one-hour book review, “They Wanted War” by Hobart Mayton. Good except I got tired of sitting. Fun in English. Our row has the cowboy songs part of oral literature. On way to history, J.E. told me that I was good in the play Friday night and said he hadn’t had a chance to tell me then. Ah! No test in typing because Miss A. forgot to give it to the first class. June Smalley and I started working on a banquet program. After school I sat out in the back yard and read the paper. Something very good happened. Lilacs so lovely. Then practiced. Cloudy. Mom went to town. I read again “The Man Without a Country.” To bed early at night. Missed “The Letter” on Lux Radio Theater.