Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Cloudy. Cooler. Dorothy S. and I are hostesses to book club meeting tonight. Each have to pay twenty-five cents. Test in typing. Made 83 (40-11). In office I read my travel book (National Parks of the Northwest) and tried hard to finish it but couldn’t. About 3:00 Mary phoned. Since Coach was in the office I stepped out in the hall to talk to her. She is working at the Webbo — started today. Very easy. Funny — I dreamed last night that she started to work. Had nice talk. Music lesson at 4:00. (P.S. Had class meeting this morning — voted on school dance — hope!) Sat out in back yard afterwards and finished travel book. Cloudy. Rained about suppertime. Wisteria smelled lovely. It hangs in festoons on the back porch landing. At 7:30 Book Worms met in school library. H. Harris reviewed a book on the Mississippi. Dot Swanson and I had charge of refreshments — ice cream and ginger ale. Had plenty. G.L. and some of the boys nearly drove us crazy. G.L. put some cleanser in one glass. Out early. Went to Miss Dawes’s and called Mom to come after me.