Marcy S., age 16, Tennessee

Dear Diary — Well, here is my first new year’s resolution going into effect. I hope I can keep it all through the year.

I slept soundly all last night — when I finally got to sleep. But Mom and Dad heard the Stovers shoot their gun and they heard the whistles, too.

The world didn’t look any different than it did last year. But then I wasn’t surprised. I reviewed my resolutions while dressing. Oh, I do hope I can keep them! The day didn’t start off so awfully well, but nothing could dampen my high spirits. Mother was in a very nice mood. I walked to school with Jim who informed me of happenings at the midnight show last night. I dared to be a little bit different and was quite pleased with myself.

Mary just won’t let me forget Bunny (our nickname for J.E.). In history class we had Mrs. Chitwood again because Clueny has the flu. She pronounces names so funny and when she called the roll she said “Don” for “Dan,” “Whit tacker” for “Whittacker”; and she called Bobbie Mae just Mae, Marg. Louise just Louise and me Anne. We got so tickled. Then each one in the room, excepting the last five in our row (I was one of the lucky), had to discuss each paragraph of the dull chapter on labor. I managed not to go to sleep. Oh! I wish I weren’t in love — or do I?

[In the left-hand margin beside paragraph above: For Friday we have to memorize the Gettysburg Address in English class.]

We had classes from 8 to 12 — 40 minutes each. As the morning went on I began feeling awful. Last night I had a slight soreness in the throat but was too sleepy to doctor it. Have lived to regret it. Had headache, sore throat, painful cough, and a funny sickish feeling in my “stummuck.” By 12:00 I thought I should pass out. Junior Martin actually spoke to me. One of my resolutions was to ignore him completely, but one has to be polite.

I certainly welcomed lunch and Mother welcomed me with “Happy New Year.” I gave Pop a resounding slap on the back as a means of wishing him the same. Mom and Dad had just had breakfast at 11:00 so I ate by my lonesome. I didn’t dare tell Mother how I felt but I doctored secretly. About 1:30 Mary and William came in the car to take me over to their house. The sun was trying to come out and it was very pleasant. We left Dad listening to the Tennessee football game in the Sugar Bowl.

Upon arrival we stayed in car and cut up — finally about 2:30 Mary snatched my diary and we had a fine scramble around the yard. She even read part of that night. You see, she told me to bring my diary with me, and I took it for granted she would let me read hers — in fact she said she would let me see part of it. But no soap! I tried to get angry but couldn’t. Poor head suffered though. Another “finally” and I had rescued it with some difficulty and no little harm to red notebook. Then into house for more peaceful amusements. I made a number of unsuccessful attempts to get upstairs to Mary’s bedroom, and the one and only time I did succeed in getting within four steps of the top Mary, in close pursuit, tripped and fell with some damage to leg and arm. But to hear her carry on you would think she had nearly kilt herself. William and I rushed to the scene of the mishap and soon Mary was quite herself again. But she does make mountains out of molehills.

At 4:00 Mr. and Mrs. Farmer returned home. A whole afternoon wasted! ’Cause I didn’t see a sign of the reason for my visit — Mary’s diary. I was really angry with Mary for not cheating fair. After declaring that I didn’t want to read it (fingers crossed — I hope), she said she’d bring it to school in the morning. Ah, now we’re getting results! Oh, Diary, I hate to say or think this, especially the first day of the year but — I positively don’t like Mary half as much as I did at first. She isn’t nearly so sweet. I suppose it is my fault, though, because I guess I’m a bad influence for Mary’s better self. Sometimes — in fact a great deal of the time — I wish I’d never met her — she’s not my kind or somethin’.

Anyway William and Mary drove me home. Mother found out at least partly how I was feeling so — no school tomorrow if I’m not better. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever get through the forty minutes of practicing. Mother Lane came for supper and the evening. The year started pretty well except for my cold.

Night, Diary! I have kept my resolution so far!