Marcy S., age 17, Ohio

Up about 6:00 (5:00 our time). A bit cooler. Didn’t get to sleep till dawn. Hot by time we got dressed. Breakfast a little after 7:00 at H&M (?) restaurant. Mom got gas. Left about 7:50. 

Beautiful morning. Drive to Cincinnati lovely. Through Covington and Cinn. Got lost in latter but a kind man told us to follow him and we got across the bridge safely. Drove on. Stopped one place and mailed some cards. Another time when very hot stopped in little town and drank rest of fruit juice. Car with two ladies stopped in front of us. Mom went to garage (service station) to restroom. One lady told us we’d dressed right for a trip — slacks. She looked and talked like Mrs. Stewart. Very hot traveling. Mary slept in the back seat. 

About noon stopped at London, Ohio for lunch in drug store. Ice cream and drink. On map we were miles from lake — decided we couldn’t even make Willoughby. Refreshed we drove on in the heat. At first were nearly two hundred miles from Cleveland. Gradually got nearer. 

About 2:00 we drew off the highway up a country road and Mom curled up and took a half-hour nap. Mary and I got out and walked. Pleasant in the shade. Breezy. Put big hat on. Kept singing “In shade of the old apple tree, where I sat down on a bee, etc.” Mary still thought she was dreaming. Ditto, me. Then we lay down under “a spreading some kind of tree” and looked up at the blue sky through the great swaying leaves. Heavenly. 

Back to car to call Mom (upon request) but she had just woken up. She felt much better. On. Passed through Delaware where Prof went to school. Saw the college (Ohio Wesleyan). As we neared Cleveland the highway improved and we drove through some beautiful country. Rolling. So much fun driving toward a large city. Still very hot. Reached Strongesville (where Daddy had planned for us to spend the night) and since Mom was tired decided to eat. Little after 4:30. Only hole in road but found nice inn where no liquor was served to eat. Had home-cooked meal of steak — henceforth I shall be more definite about how I want mine cooked. Very good, though. Had two glasses of milk and pie (filling). 

Lovely after supper. About twenty miles from Cleveland. We took Highway 80 over to Twinsburg. Meantime had gotten cloudy and we could see signs of a good rain on the way. Stopped for gas on way. Beautiful driving through beautiful rolling country with trees on either side and very little traffic. Quite a few trucks during day but not so many in evening. At Twinsburg turned north again toward Willoughby. Didn’t want lovely drive to end. We all sat in the front seat, I in the middle. I just wanted to hug Mary. 

At last we reached Willoughby and began looking for tourist homes. Saw some beautiful ones but kept driving on. Finally decided to to on to Geneva to be near lake. Lovely and cooler. Beautiful drive. Quite a bit of traffic. Passed nurseries and lovely homes. Started to stop a number of times at tourist camps but Mom thought we’d better go on. About 7:45 reached Geneva and went straight to Bogg’s Tourist Home (air-conditioned). Mr. Bragg knew us and Mrs. Bogg soon came bursting out. They are nicer than ever — Jews. He is going blind. Mary and I sat and talked with her a few minutes while Mom was putting the car in the garage. Then we went upstairs to our room. Same one we had once before. Mom went downstairs and Mary and I went in bathroom and washed. Mr. and Mrs. Bogg put up a cot in the room. 

Then we put on dresses and set out for a walk. Started north. Dark but not a great deal cooler. We talked about Helen and Lester and Barbara Muller and Josephine Kreis. Mary said the latter two both considered her their best friend and confidant but she said she hadn’t told them the same, ’cause I was her best friend. I had so hoped she would be serious just for once but I missed my cue to say something nice. I walked on in silence. Everyone loves Mary — why can’t I be like her? 

Didn’t feel so good after walk — not physically. We decided to go downtown and get something cool to drink but it was after 9:00 so we didn’t. Upstairs and to bed. I slept with Mother. Mary in cot. Beautiful night. Cool breeze as well as air-conditioning. Soon to sleep. Love Mary. Tomorrow get to Auntie Ediths — Yippee! (Drove 347 miles today. Whew!)