Dear Diary — Mary and I got up at 8:00 to a lovely warm morning. So beautiful outside. Had to get water and go to the store before breakfast. Mother got up just before breakfast (which we prepared — Mary, rather), but, not having slept well last night, went back to bed. She thought she wouldn’t go to church. 

On my way back from the store Mr. Dawkes stopped me and invited us to “go out on the water,” not knowing, I suppose, that Donald Duck had asked us last night. He said he was going to skip church — shamey! I told him we’d be ready soon — just had to eat breakfast. Mary and I had finished stuffing ourselves when Mr. Dawkes knocked at back door to see if we were ready. Found out we’d be back about 1:00 or 2:00 and told Mother. She said to go on and leave the dishes so we upped and went, leaving her to snooze in peace. [In margin: “Started about 10:00.”] 

Donald had already gone down to the boat, with Ted, and so Mary and I followed with Mr. Dawkes, carrying the necessities. Quite warm already. Ted was busy chasing frogs when we arrived. All piled in and started for open lake. Mary and I sat on seat with Mr. Dawkes (Ted in bow) while Donald propelled the “thing.” Out past Whitefish and in direction of Scotch Bonnet. Just enough wind to make lovely waves. It was glorious riding along way above the sandy bottom of the lake, with friends whom you loved nearby. 

Mary grabbed a gull feather out of the water, and I made an unsuccessful attempt to pick up a light bulb. Donald obligingly turned the boat around and the second time I got it. Ted thought it was something to eat and promptly made a leap for it. When Mr. Dawkes restrained him, I let the bulb into the water to rinse it off, and lost it! Donald presently asked me if I wanted to come back and steer, so back I went.  

You’d never dream there were so many islands in the lake. Soon Main Station came into view and then we passed it. Wouldn’t it be fun to live way out on a little island just by yourself? Donald told me to steer for a little island straight ahead, called Burke Island. [In margin: “Reached Burke Island about 11:15. Stayed till ten after 12:00.”] When we got near shore he took the joystick and landed us. The water looked so cool and inviting. Oh for a dip! 

When we had all gotten out and the boat was anchored, Mr. Dawkes went off to the right in search of wild ducks, and the rest of us started in the opposite direction. Ted followed us a little way and then ran back to Mr. Dawkes. Back and forth, from then on. We found a large green frog and Donald practically dared me to pick it up. I started to, but, thank goodness, every time I got within seizing distance, away he jumped until a rock hid him. Whew! Mary found floats and a long bamboo pole with a dilapidated flag attached to the top. Donald found a fishing pole and some rope. We discussed glamour girls, colleges, Oliphant, etc. and then the inevitable dancing. He said, “How about a date next Saturday night to go dancing?” We didn’t give any definite answer, but I’m sure he was serious. Help! 

We found a large log that Mr. Dawkes had set up and Donald floated it. We all arrived back at the boat safely and set out for the Indian Channel, the other side of Main Station.