Cloudy, looked like rain. I went to store before breakfast. Nice then. [In margin: “At breakfast table I told Mother about Donald’s views on the Bible, etc.”] After breakfast I wrote letters. About 12:00 Mary and I left for Lonely. [In margin: “Took our lunch.”] Went to P.O. first. About halfway down a little girl came up behind us and asked if she and a little boy and another girl might go with us to Lonely, ’cause they didn’t know the way. We had to get off road few times for cars to pass — dusty. Took short cuts. 

Finally reached there. Not many people around. Went out on right point and saw some men kill two large garter snakes. Waited few minutes then ate our lunch. Finished about 2:00. Sun tried to come out. More people around. Lots of boats started coming ‘round the point — mostly canoes being towed by motor boats. 

Soon races started. We sat on rocks and watched swimming, rowing, and canoeing races. Irene and Mary McKenzie were in a lot of them and Irene came in first a number of times. Also Barbara, Mary, and Margaret Woodcock. Little Clive was there with the maid. Saw Rusty and Vera King’s maid, too. Isabelle Kastner had on slacks, as usual. Mary and I had a few minor tiffs and I felt very hostile towards her at times. Awful? The sun and blue sky finally chased away the dark clouds and it was lovely. 

We left about 4:30 when the races were all over with — mostly. Coming back we discussed Donald and the talk last night. We hoped that he would continue it sometime, bringing in the subject of Life, which, according to him, is beautiful, not serious. We stopped at the post off. There was a letter from Marg. Louise for me. I let Mary read it.