Marcy S., age 17, Ontario

[In the upper margin: “It is a warm, lovely morning.”]

Dear Diary — It is just about ten after 9:00 and I’m sitting up in bed, writing this. Mary won’t let me get up and help her with breakfast — it is her turn to prepare that meal and she insists upon doing it all by herself. I am helpless when she insists — especially this morning — so here I sit. Explanation of [here she drew an arrow pointing to above italicized phrase] — yesterday afternoon Mary and I became sadder but wiser when we discovered that the last seven weeks — all of our time up here — have been wasted. 

It was the result of a misunderstanding between us. Last Spring we both longed for good long talks together but, due to lack of time and opportunity, we had very few — practically none, in fact. So when the possibility of two months together was first suggested, we both (although I never mentioned it to Mary nor she to me) looked forward to endless long talks together with no one to interfere. Well, I left it up to Mary to start the ball rolling, so to speak, because she usually does, and if I did she mightn’t be in the mood — and Mary left it up to me because I was the hostess! What a mess! She declares that several times, she dropped a few hints as to a serious talk, but that I didn’t take them, and she decided I wasn’t in the mood. Now I don’t remember a single time that I haven’t “taken her up” at the very hint of a serious talk. 

But anyway, that’s where the misunderstanding came in. We were both so angry at ourselves and blamed our own stupidity and selfishness to the skies — each insisting that she was to blame. We ended up by dividing the blame equally, although, in our hearts, we each still take it all…oh, oh! Mother’s up and I have to go to the store before breakfast. To be continued —