Marcy S., age 17, Ontario

Mom woke me about 7:00. Mary still asleep. Cloudy, windy, but lovely. Helped with breakfast. Mary got up. Breakfast and dishes. Felt like crying. Vera K. and Rusty came to say ’bye. Todd came in, too. When they left, tears came to both Mary’s and my eyes. Sun and blue sky appeared during breakfast. Beautiful morning. Packed car. Said goodbye to Mr. Dawkes. Cried. ’Bye to Mrs. D. and Mrs. Engle. No Tad. Found tree for Mary. She was so sweet. Picked flowers as souvenir. Drove to store. Said ’bye. Mom and Dad made last-minute calls. Saw Marjory, Janet, Nancy and Shirley to say ’bye to. They’re going to write. Mom took picture of us. Last look at dear Oliphant. Stopped in Wiarton to shop. Drove on. Cloudy. Port Elgin for lunch on beach at lake. Beautiful sight. Cleared. Took pictures. Left. Stopped in mid-afternoon for tea and scones in car. Played cow game. Saw lots of airplanes. Passed R.A.O. [?] and R.C.U.F. airports and schools. Saw wreck near Sarova [?] No trouble at border. Went to Mrs. Nicholson’s tourist home in Port Huron. Mary and I had room downstairs by ourselves. Washed and went downtown for supper. Had fish. Looked in windows. Stars. Back to tourist home and bed. Mary and I had wonderful talk. To sleep late.