Slept as late as we wanted to. Up about 11:00 and had breakfast. Then hung up clothes and took storm shutters off. Put rest of screens in. Beautiful day. Hard to believe we are at last at dear Oliphant. I do hope Mary likes it. 

In afternoon Mary I walked down to dock armed with notepaper to write letters but the water looked so good that we went back to the cottage and got our bathing suits. I showed Mary how to swim the breast stroke and we practiced awhile. Never wanted to come in. Lovely in the channel. 

Dinner at night. No mail. After dishes Mary and I took a walk down on dock to see the sunset. Came home and no Mother. Started over to Dawkes’ to see if she were there and out jumped Ted, barking and growling. Mary let out a scream, turned and fled. It was so funny. She banged into a tree in her rush through the woods. Mr. Dawkes heard her and came over presently to see what had happened. 

When he left, we really got worried and rather scared. Mother hadn’t taken her purse, which seemed strange. She had first thought of going up to see Mrs. Kastner, but had decided not to. As a last resort, we went up there and sure enough she was sitting in the living room talking with Isabelle and Mrs. Kastner. We knocked and were welcomed in. They were just having ginger ale and candy so we had some, too. Nigger, the dog, had to be petted. 

About 9:30 we left. Mother said that Isabelle had come down on her way to the store and asked Mother to go up and stay with Mrs. Kastner ’cause she didn’t want to leave her alone with her grief. Their daughter Gretchen committed suicide ’cause her husband wanted a divorce. They had been very happily married, had two lovely children, a beautiful home, and were quite wealthy. Then the husband’s stenographer (a Russian girl) began chasing him and he resisted as long as he could. Then he gave up and asked poor Gretchen for a divorce. She was terribly shocked and went home to Wiarton with the children. She had hoped against hope till the furniture came and then she couldn’t stand it any longer. So it was suicide off the Wiarton dock. An awful blow for Mrs. Kastner. The husband came to her funeral and said he must have been out of his mind when he left her. 

Saw boats on dock at night. Dying for a ride. Beautiful night. Wonder what kind of a fourth they had at home.