Marcy S., age 17, Ontario

Lovely morning. Up fairly early. About 8:30. After breakfast Mary and I went for water. On way back Donald Dawkes was at his parents’ — up from Toronto for weekend — and he asked Mary and I if we’d like to go for a boat ride. He said we might take a swim, also. So we hurriedly dressed with suit under shorts. Mr. Dawkes went, too. They have a row boat with an outboard motor. Went out channel and past Whitefish. Out in open lake. Lovely calm day and quite warm. Passed a number of boats. Donald let me sit back by him and steer with the joy stick. Lots of fun but rather befuddling since it works just opposite from a car. Went out to a little island by name of Scotch Bonnet and landed. Not far from Main Station. Got out and walked all way around it. Fun. Then started back. Mary steered. Found a lot of fisherman’s weights on island and also remains of a big net. Between Smokehouse and Shamrock he stopped the boat and Donald, Mary, and I went for a swim. It was lovely. Over near Smokehouse water was quite deep. Donal Duck (my private name for him) and I helped Mary to swim and also float. She is improving but can’t propel herself yet. When we got back in the boat we discovered that our dark glasses, which we had left in the bottom, were cracked — mine worse than Mary’s. Such a shame — they were so nice. 

When we got back we had dinner. Then sat out on the porch. Mary and Mother went in to snooze but I sat in the hammock and read magazine stories. Got cloudy. Lovely. I then played ball with myself. Donald Duck left about 6:00. After supper we sat out on the porch. Mr. and Mrs. Dawkes came to call. We walked down to the boat with Mr. Dawkes to get the floats. Mary and Irene MacKenzie took us out the channel in their canoe. Had fun passing motor boats. Two boat rides in one day. Came back and to bed. Fun today. Hope D.D. comes every weekend. Mr. Dawkes says we may use his boat whenever we want to.