Marcy S., age 17, Ontario

Cloudy and cool. Felt like walking. So accordingly, after work Mary and I walked up shore and out on beach opposite Main Station. Ever since Mother’s thoughtless remark that night we were at Auntie Edith’s, Mary has teased me about Prof. When I came back from a glorious walk in the water Mary had written Pat + Prof all over the sand. We walked awhile and then rested. I love Oliphant so — I never want to leave and when I die I want it to be here and I want to be buried here. Pleasant thoughts but they’re true. 

Somehow I’m disappointed. I had thought that every moment with Mary would be beautiful, and that we could take long walks together and talk, but it’s not that way. She isn’t ever serious nor the Mary I love. I believe she suspects this but I tease her when she mentions it. I wish George could have come. And yet if he had I probably wouldn’t have been satisfied, either. Isn’t human nature strange? 

When we came back we were both so tired that after dinner (at 2:00) we took a nap. No swim today. No letter from Mary’s mother — she is getting worried. To bed at night. Think we played some games — Chinese checkers — with Mother before, though. 

P.S. Before our walk up the shore we took Ted for a short one on his leash.