Marcy S., age 17, Ontario

Dear Diary — Some time in the wee smas I awoke to the unpleasantness of curlers and the fact that Mary was also awake. In trying to remedy my affliction I banged my elbow so hard against the wall that I thought surely it had gone through to the kitchen. Then Mary and I held a short conference which resulted in my getting out of bed and rubbing Mary’s sunburnt back with powder. We both decided to remove our curlers to enable sleeping better. 

[In the margin: “Once in the early dawn I woke up to a bright light shining in my face — I thought Mary was there with the flashlight but it turned out to be the space between the wall and the curtains and the light was the sky.”] The next time I woke up it was light and I could hear voices in Mother’s room. Mary’s bed was empty and I realized I didn’t have much longer to sleep. In a few minutes the alarm clock went off and Mary came in and woke me the rest of the way. It was a little after 7:00. We were dressed and through breakfast in no time. Then we did our hair. Mary’s looked so pretty and mine looked nice, too. Mary and I exchanged some jewelry and she insisted that I wear her new brown silk blouse with my sharkskin skirt. We forgot and put our hose on and had to take them off to go out on the beach and pick grandmother some yellow flowers. We got a lot. 

We had planned to leave at 9:00, then 9:30 and finally we got off at 10:00. First, however, Mr. Dawkes and Ted came over to say good-bye. He kissed Mary and told us to behave. Just as Mom and I were packing the last things in the car, I saw a garter snake slithering through the pine needles nearby. Mary and Mother hurried to see it and Mom didn’t believe it was a garter snake. So we called Mr. Dawkes and he came over, followed by Ted. He said it was a garter and he picked it up — bare-handed! — right behind its head and brought it closer for us to see. It stuck out its red tongue and looked very dangerous. Then Mr. Dawkes put it down in the grass and showed it to Ted. As soon as he saw it wiggle he was after it and they had a good chase under the pine trees until Mr. Snake retired to a hole under a tree where Ted could not follow but only stay near and sniff. He was so cute and we got very tickled. 

At last Mary and I got settled in the back seat with the lunch and various other things and Mom at the wheel. We were sure the old bus wouldn’t start, but after about five attempts at starting it, all was okay and off we went. It was fun driving into Wiarton. Just outside of the city (about two miles) we asked a bread man the way to Kemble. Mr. Dawkes had told us to go that way to Owen Sound because of the beautiful view of O.S. bay it afforded. We turned off onto a gravel road and drove and drove. I pretended I was Lester and that Mary and I were engaged. I spoke in a deep, affected voice and we embraced and discussed our wedding, honeymoon, etc. and had so much fun. As we neared the bay the pine trees on either side of the road were more beautiful than ever but I didn’t forsake my man’s voice to admire them. Mother accused me of not appreciating the beauty.

Upon reaching Owen[?] Sound, we took car to garage. [In margin: “Went to bank with Mary. Man asked her all about Tennessee, etc.”] Then Mary and I went shopping tent-cent stores — looked at jewelry. Bought note paper and dark glasses. Met Mother. Went to shoe shop. Mary and I both got tan canvas shoes — just alike. Clerk dropped twenty-five cents down stairs. Funny. 

Mary bought dress shoes — white — Went to other shoe store in search of bathing slippers. Coming out of one, Mother didn’t see step and fell down on her side. Ruined nylon hose. Hurt knee. Damaged dignity. Young man in shop helped her up and in store where she rested a few minutes. Then to car to leave parcels. Started to rain. Got to china shop where bought Catherine Tindall’s wedding gift. Lady very sweet. Terrible thunder and lightning. Got cookies at bakery.

Drove out to Harrison Park and had lunch. Mary so sweet and pretty. Then out to see Grandmother and Miss Moore’s. I didn’t go in. Mary and I sat in car and man came and talked to us. Miss Moore’s brother-in-law. Gave us box of pins. Drove on to Wiarton. Shopped. Mary and I went in each drug store (three) at least twice. Bought films, pins, etc. and an orange ring. (Razor for Daddy — funny.) Bought milk. To Blue Water park for supper. Good sandwiches. Got ice cream cones. 

Back to Oliphant. Dark. Looked at purchases and to bed.