Marcy S., age 17, Ontario

Cloudy. Had cry over skin after breakfast. Sat out on porch. Mary sewed. Was very sweet to me. I sewed, too. Mary started m. I went swimming by myself. Cool and water dark. Back for dinner. Letters from Rufus and Helen, and Marg. S. Just after dinner Mrs. Wright came to call. Mary and I sat in dining room and discussed different things. M. Spradlin wrote me beautiful poem for my birthday. 

At night we lit fireplace and all sat around and read. Mary and I read The Purple Sapphire aloud to each other. Ate scones and milk. About 9:30 Vera and Jean Heuther came to call with Rusty. Sat by fire and talked. I petted dear Rusty. Sat by Mary’s chair. When they left, Jean offered us her row boat after Tuesday till middle of August ’cause she’s leaving. Yippee! Went to door to see them off. Heard Donald arrive next door. Felt wonderful. [In margin: “Beautiful, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely, Lovely.”] 

Back in house and sat and talked a few minutes. Put arm around Mary etc. When got to bed, she said I had been sweeter today/night than any day yet — wished I would always be that way. Boat!