Up about 7:00. Beautiful morning. Up and dressed and started day off fine. Packed car. Mrs. Boggs came out and wanted me to play the piano. In we went and I played a few pieces. Rather out of tune and fingers out of practice but still okay… 

After breakfast we left town and drove out to Geneva on the Lake. Mary’s first view of Lake Erie — we got out and looked. Water and sky so blue. Drove on. Went through Erie, PA. Then drove along Lake to Hamburg. Lovely homes — I love it all. Mary felt sickish so she got in the back and slept. Beautiful scenery — and we were ever nearer Hamburg. I was all expectation.

Finally arrived in mid-afternoon. We went to a drug store-restaurant and had lunch — big fruit salads. It was cool and lovely there — Mary loaned me her red earrings and she and Mom agreed that I looked like a Mexican. Mary felt better then. 

Went further into town and found a parking space. Mum went up to Aunt Florrie’s office — Mary and I followed. Aunt Florrie insisted that we stay for dinner — that Aunt Edith was expecting us, but Mum was firm — or at least tried to be — and said we’d just stop by the house a few minutes and see Aunt Edith. But I knew that gleam in Aunt Florrie’s eyes! 

Drove out to Highland Avenue and up the driveway to number 52. Aunt Edith welcomed us with open arms — she asked me in private if Mary were Helen — and she also raved about Mary’s Southern beauty. We all sat in the living room and talked. I felt so good — thinking of the summer with Mary at Oliphant that lay ahead — and here we were at dear Aunt Edith’s. 

Presently — after Aunt Edith had firmly informed Mum that we were staying for dinner! — Mary and I, after freshening up a bit, went for a walk. Teased her about Lester — had fun. Passed two boys once and they just looked — Mary is so pretty. 

Returned and got ready for dinner. Aunt Florrie came and then Jack — he has a job as life-saver at some lake — he was obviously quite taken with Mary. After we had sat down to a scrumptious meal Aunt Florrie’s boss came — a huge man — who sat with us and kept us laughing. He, also, was quite attracted by Mary. Jack committed a number of “social errors” and we all — especially Mary and I — nearly died laughing. Between courses Jack was dispatched to get some ice cream for dessert. We had cake too — so help me, I never ate so much. Thought I wouldn’t live through it. Aunt Edith said Prof was here for dinner just last night — he’s working here somewhere — and that he’d be sorry to miss us. 

We hated to take leave of them but around 7:00 Mother deemed it necessary since we had to go through the customs. I wanted to wash the dishes but Aunt Edith wouldn’t hear it. Mary fell in love with her, too. We finally pulled ourselves away — with Jack looking regretful! 🙂

It was lovely and cozy driving on again towards Buffalo — and everything looked dearly familiar. Once Mother remarked that Aunt Edith had said Prof would miss seeing me, but I hastily intervened with, “No, you mean Mary.” But Mum didn’t and that was the beginning of relentless teasing from Mary. 

We stopped just inside the city for gas — before crossing the border. It was fast becoming dark. On again to the Peace Bridge — Mary said she felt funny leaving the good old U.S.A. — and to think that her family was in one country and she in another. 

No trouble (!) at customs — after all our worry over Mary’s birth certificate (which she never did get) the man didn’t even ask us where we were from! After making a safe entrance we went straight to Auntie Marguerite’s in Fort Erie.