Marcy S., age 17, Tennessee

Dear Diary — Nice day. Warm. Fun looking forward to the next few weeks — in a way. Went to gym during chapel period for the Senior auction of shirts, candy, etc. we couldn’t sell at their original prices. Barbara wasn’t there. I sat with Mary and Helen. Margaret came in a few minutes late — music lesson. I tell myself I never want to see Barbara again when there is a chance that I will but as soon as she is absent, I miss her. Fickle fickle me! Review in Chemistry. Book review in English. Some of them are so dull. Instead of staying in my seat right next to the desk (where I am too close to the reviewer to concentrate) I go to the back of the room. It is rather difficult to stay awake at times. I was in an extremely good humor during Latin class and at noon. Goody sent Marg. L. and I into the library during first part of  period while she and the Jr. Beta-Clubers plotted the picnic for tomorrow. All 6 members of Vergil class are in Beta Club! We were at length admitted to the room and discovered that a movie was scheduled after the picnic (poor treasury!). Rufus and I began worrying about our music lessons, esp. since Marshy wanted to hear us at the library tomorrow. So at noon she called Mrs. M. and made arrangements for us this afternoon at 4:00. I did some fancy studying during course of afternoon and somehow managed to live through dull history review. Honestly, I nearly go to sleep in that class every day — last thing in afternoon being the reason, I suppose. After school those who were going on the class trip had to stay a few minutes and then I met Mary, Helen, and Evelyn outside. Mary was trying to get up the courage to ask Mrs. Bunch for her English review questions for Barbara. Where the courage came in — Barbara was not sick but out of town and Mary was afraid Mrs. B. would ask. You see, those who failed Literature final exam are being given another chance tomorrow — Barbara missed it — remember? Well, I got mad and told Mary to let Barbara get her own questions — why get Mary in trouble because of her! As usual one can talk Mary into or out of anything, so — no see Bunchy. However, Mary was going by Barbara’s and leaving a note with her mother to explain. We started for home finally and Helen and I, both being in an arguing mood, tried to find something to argue about. But as always is the case when we are in the mood, we agreed on every subject that was broached. Soon, however, we got off on Mary and Helen made some remarks about M.’s not having her typing in. She’s had ever since Christmas to get it in and now she’s way behind. She, of course, goes bicycle riding in the afternoon when Ruth and Helen are typing. That is something else, though. When I was laying her out the other day, Helen took up for her, so today when Helen was down on her, I took up for her. But not for long. When we reached Mrs. Winslow’s corner, Mary stopped to write Barbara a note. I asked her to go by my house and then I could walk down as far as Mrs. Marsh’s with her. It seemed to be agreed, but she continued writing. I suggested that she write it while she was waiting for me, and somehow that led to an argument. Anyway, the next few minutes were spent in shouting at each other — Helen and I mainly. Mary almost decided to go the other way, but we finally calmed down enough to repersuade her to go our way. Then Helen made some teasing remark about my having the “big head” — the essay. I don’t mind teasing but when Mary said — oh, in such a superior way — “Yes, I’ve heard some people say you had the big head” — I nearly blew up. She says things like that all the time! I nearly lost my temper [End of entry.]