Marcy S., age 17, Tennessee

Beautiful day. Cool. Up about 11:00. Christmas tree and gifts lovely. After breakfast rode bicycle. Went down to Ruth’s and saw their gifts. Invited them to party Monday night. Called Mary. Home about 3:30 to find gift from Ellen — necklace. One from Maggie this morning — picture of herself. Lovely. Took Mrs. McCarter and Barbara and drove over to Oakdale to see Nativity scene. Life size figures — Mary was beautiful. Very impressive. Dixon had been there just before us. When we left Barbara said, “Goodbye, Baby Jesus.” Daddy was with us, of course. Home about 5:00 and sat right down to supper. George phoned about 6:00 to invite me over there, then said they’d be over later. Mom and Dad left for Kiwanis Club at 7:00. I listened to radio and read magazine. Mary phoned. Boys came about 7:30. I played several numbers on command, and the rest on request. Mom and Dad home about 8:00. Played till nearly 9:00. Dixon is such a gentleman. Had fun. Finally chased the boys away so we could look at Christmas cards. Finished and to bed about 10:30. Knoxville tomorrow.