Marcy S., age 19, Missouri

Cold and bright. Body building at 11. Some of the kids were so friendly. Felt good. Got Jane Eyre to read for Eng. Lit. but discovered it was 2nd volume instead of first. Good lunch. Mary and Betty went to fencing at 2. I practiced. Then went to library and back. Back to room and studied history till dinner. Betty and I yelled at each other. Mary Jo came in and we recited to her. Mary brought letter from Mum and Kimmie. Mary went out for a waffle supper – her adviser. She, Betty and I are assigned to Miss Orner’s table. Guess we’ll have to mind our manners! Betty and I met Peggy after dinner and talked her into going to lecture with us. Back to hall. Mary returned and talked me into going to see “Jr. Miss” at University. Peggy came and brought us some apples. She agreed to play and we all ganged up on Betty. Got there about 8. Sat in balcony. Play not over til 11. Good – awfully funny in spots but too much cussing. Some girls next to us smoked during play and made us so mad!! Saw Mr. Bottrell on way back embracing a lady – I’ve seen him out with Miss Erb and it made me furious! Betty got so tickled at my carryingson. Jane and Mary Jo came in a few minutes after we and asked us in for some soup. Betty and I heated it in the 2nd floor kitchenette and then we sat on the floor and supped soup in their room. To bed at 12.