Marcy S., age 19, Missouri

Cold in morn but got milder and was lovely in afternoon. Right on beam in Eng. Lit. class. Surprised myself by speaking out!! Had cramps somethin’ awful. Read Way of All Flesh during gym. Good lunch. Letter from Pan. Studied during siesta, practiced at 2, library at 3, studied philosophy from 4:30 til dinner. Felt awful!! Never been this bad before! Must have been donating blood last week. Suffered thru dinner!! And I’m not kidding! Gorgeous sunset! Right after dinner I went up to little theatre for class recital. Betty came along, too. I played second and did just simply terrible but I couldn’t help it. Somehow sat thru 3 more pieces, with the tears going ever so often and making me madder than ever. Finally had to leave, most unceremoniously. Betty was very comforting. Back to hall. Decided not to go to lecture but to bed instead. At 8 Betty went to the opera, “Marriage of Figaro” and by 8:45 I was in bed. Both windows open – night so lovely out. Quiet. Thought and then drifted off to sleep. The solution is so simple, I believe.