Marcy S., age 19, Missouri

Bright but quite cold. Miss Erb helped me compose letter to Mr. Harris after shorthand. I cut Eng. Lit. and registered for gym – tennis. Then went to town. Back and practiced voice. Lesson at 10. Got new piece. Practiced til 11:30. Good lunch. Piano lesson at 2. Practiced. Then studied history and started another chapter in Dewey at 4. Betty came back from Board of Pub. rather down and out. She’s been in touchy mood all day. Prospect of recital no doubt. Good dinner. We practiced getting our voices down afterwards. Then at 7:30 went up to student theater for Miss Blenko’s students’ recital. About 10 on program. Betty sang first – got scared, rolled her eyes!, and missed high note. I nearly died but it was her first public performance and bless her heart she had butterflies!! Rest of program amusing – some were good, though. Back to hall about 8. Ann and Norene were in Jane’s room. Betty sang her song for them. Then we decided to go down to bus station for some rolls. Betty and I got 2 each. I finished chapter in Dewey, thought, and to bed. Jane came in and we talked.