Marcy S., age 19, Missouri

Rather cloudy and cold in morn. Usual classes. Studied during siesta. Convocation at 2 but not required so we didn’t go. Katherine came down after siesta and told us about her trip to St. Louis last week with one of her classes (office machine or something). She and another girl went together and bought a big bottle of gin and managed to somehow get it back here undiscovered. Last Saturday night they and Jean Ward and some other kids had a party and drank the gin! Mary was involved too, of course. Miraculously they weren’t caught but horror if they had been!! I wasn’t shocked or disappointed (thank goodness) but how silly!! Those kids are slipping. Didn’t get much studying done. K. left about 2:30. Then Betty found advertisement of Book of the Month Club and had grand tustle with herself about whether to join or not – she can’t resist books. She finally broke down and filled out the blank. At 3:30 we set out for town in the rain. Betty took me to Ledo at 3:45 and kept the umbrella to go shopping. Had wonderful facial. Thelma so nice, Betty brought umbrella in. Last facial in series. Out at 5. Raining ice!! Letter from Isabel Bentley. Studied til dinner. At night finished Dewey. Snowed at night. Beautiful. Jane brought us rolls. Her girlfriend is being married tomorrow and there was a big excitement about she and Norene’s going home but it couldn’t be arranged.