Marcy S., age 19, Missouri

Snowed again last night. Ground covered. Cleared at noon. Not so cold. Good voice lesson at 10. Had to drink coffee for breakfast. At 10:30 went over to ballroom and stood in one line or another until 12 when nurse told us we’d have to come back at 2. Some corny men were there taking movies and they held up everything! After all we just wanted to give our blood! Good lunch. Kath didn’t go. Tiny gift valentine from Earl – “in all sincerity.” Wonder if that means he’s sending something?! Studied during siesta. Mary and Betty went to gym at 2. I went to ballroom and was soon in line for a bed. Read Adam Bede. Just before I went in the girl in the bed nearest the door passed out cold and scared me to death. However, all went well and the girl in the bed next to mine watched and reported on my blood and I did the same for her. Said mine looked like wine! Felt a little shaky afterwards and nurse aide helped me to canteen where we had chicken sandwiches, milk and cookies. One girl asked me if I felt okay – said I looked peaked. Nobody home at hall – I picked my way carefully (!) to bank and thense to library where I read Pollard for history. Back about 4:45 with intentions of studying shorthand and taking bath before going to show. But at 5 Mary, Betty and Kath came and were going to town before show. Obvious that Mary was not on speaking terms with Kath. Betty’s idea that forcing them together might help matters. Betty was very solicitous of my health. Still felt a little weak. Two letters from Mum. So we went to town. Shopped around with Mary. Not so cold. Then to Peck’s and had soup. Mary began to thaw out and by the time we got to Bing’s for a hamburger she was on joking terms with Kath. At 7 went to Hall and sat in balcony. Saw Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon in “Madame Curie.” Gee, it was wonderful. Kath and Mary laughed when Betty and I cried and made Betty mad. Back about 9:30. Bath and to bed.