Marcy S., age 19, Tennessee

Still hot but at least there was a breeze that was a few degrees cooler. Mum got up at 6 to make jelly, bake a cake and cook a roast! Very few people came in the office but Mr. H. kept me fairly busy. He sent me down to the bank to deposit $150. Saw Pop there in conference with Sour Puss. Talked to Kay. Mr. Harris gave me my check for $9. Off at 12. Mr. H.’s daughter is coming back this week-end. Oh, yes – I had to type some memoranda for the Edington case and one sentence read “Isabelle called him a damn buck private.” Mr. H. apologized for having me type that – Said he’d always tried to keep such things from his children but decided it was better to tell them. I said yes, we had to find out some time. It was funny! Mum was just about done in but we had a luscious dinner. By that time there was definitely a cool breeze. Pop felt a bit under the weather, having drunk too much water yesterday. After dinner and the dishes I gave myself a beauty treatment with the beaten white of an egg. Pop got a good laugh at the sight of me. I had to lie down for 15 minutes and let it Harden. Mum came in once and asked me if I’d started cackling yet! She and Pop took a nap with the huge electric fan facing the bed. I emerged with my face so stiff I could hardly talk! But when I removed the stuff (with cold water) my face felt wonderful. Then I washed and curled my hair. Sat out in back yard and finished Seven Keys to Baldpate. So funny! Beautiful afternoon. Sky so blue and breeze so nice. Supper about 6:30. Then I wrote letters, did dishes and ironed some clothes. To bed about 10 – Pop listened to news broadcast. Quite a bit cooler. [In upper margins: “Aunt Nellie sent me a lovely sterling silver pin in the shape of a bow. I walked down part way with Mrs. Warriner in morn – she had just gotten back from visiting Mr. W. in the navy at the U. of Chicago. After supper Mum and I picked some lilies for the altar tomorrow.”]