Marcy S., age 19, Tennessee

[In upper margin: “I weigh 140!!”] No history or philosophy. Practiced and studied. Very warm. No house meeting. Betty and I went to town in afternoon. Got ice cream. Practiced. Sort of cloudy. Piano lesson. Good dinner. Jacq, Betty and I went for a walk afterwards. Back in time for vespers. Sat in balcony – made spectacle of ourselves  climbing over seats! Mr. Berry talked. Very good. Lovely night. Back to hall and talked to Mary Jo and Jane. About 8:30 they went over to the sorority sing. Betty and I stayed in their room and looked at fashion magazines. Then about 9 we settled down to studying. Wrote paper on “Eve of St. Agnes” for Eng. lit. I stayed up til 11:30 and typed mine. Was I glad to get that done! Met Mr. Carson this afternoon.