Marcy S., age 20, 1944

Up at 6:30 and went home to iron. Rather cloudy and misty but sun soon broke through. Lovely morn. The last time I’ll walk to town with a day at the office ahead of me. I’m sorry that the summer is over. On the whole it has been wonderful. We were busy all morn. I’m glad we were. I was half afraid he’d pay me and let me go. When I left at noon Mr. H. said, “Well, we just have another half day, Marcy.” And I could have cried. Beautiful noon time. So end-of-summery and schoolish and breezy! Met George up at Tarwater’s. Mum had gone to the dentist’s so I had lunch alone. Clure brought over some muffins. Lovely walking back but sad, too. I took Mum 2 muffs for her lunch. Found her writing letters in the Red Cross rooms. The afternoon was even busier than the morn. About 3 Mr. H. gave me the material for drawing up 2 deeds and left me to it. He had to go to Kingston. First, however, he gave me this week’s check, $6 for the Clinton depositions and $1 extra. We shook hands and he said it had been a joy having me in the office and to come back and work for him next summer. Mum and the other ladies were next door in the Red Cross rooms. It got actually hot and I had to turn the fan on. Well, I typed and typed and got all confused about the trust deed. Was so tense and nervous that I had to do one deed over 4 times. Mum said the ladies commented on how fast my fingers went. My speed has really increased. About 4:30 — it seemed much later — I finished up. Cleaned out my drawer, took one last look at the dear old office, locked the door and left. Stopped in Red Cross rooms a minute. Then by Pop’s office, but Jean had no mail for me. So I don’t know for sure that I am going to Rochester. Stopped by Kim’s and found her on verge of taking a bath. Mrs. Young told me about Mr. Love’s needing a girl down at the Water Works. Kim isn’t going to Red Cross, though her cold is better. I saw Kay at noon and we planned to go. But I was completely worn out — haven’t been so tired since the first day at the office. Met Mum staggering up the hill just as I was leaving. So we staggered on together, both feeling like dish rags. Quite warm but beautiful afternoon. Home about 5. I sat out in front yard and read some of the Screwtape Letters that Kim. loaned me. But felt too restless and tired to do anything. Alice Ann and her mater passed by on other side of the street and A.A. wanted to come over to see me. She looked so sweet. Mum was coming out to sit with me but espied Clure on her steps so went over to talk to her. Around 6 Pan called and wanted to come up and get my history book. I jumped in the tub but she and Kay arrived before I was out. Slipped on house coat and went out in yard to join them. A car passed just as I appeared on the scene and stopped at Clure’s. I didn’t pay any attention but sat down in the grass and kidded with them. Heard someone going up Clure’s walk a minute later, though, and looked up to see Ashley. He said “Hey” and we all returned the greeting. Well! I guess I got caught! We talked awhile about school, etc. and Kay can’t go to Red Cross on account of a Christian Education meeting. Pan gave me $1 for my American history book, which I had even forgotten I had. They left about 6:30. We had supper and then I got out some old music — “Kiss Me Again,” etc. and had fun. Pop came about 9 and I left for Walkers’. Early for a change. Lovely night with a hazy moon through the gently stirring trees. Oliphant seemed so near and I couldn’t believe that another summer was over. Walked around the block and then went in. Mrs. W. was surprised to see me so early. Alice Ann was just going to bed and had to come in to see me. Later I heard her saying my name and her mother told her I’d gone to bed and she’d better do the same. To bed about 9:30. Could see moon through window by bed.