Marcy S., age 20, Missouri

Up for breakfast. Beautiful mild springy day. Practiced from 8 til 9:30. Then went down and got laundry. History at 10, phil. at 11. Good lunch – hamburgers. I ate some raw onions and Betty and Mary couldn’t bear it!! So funny! Came back to room and tried to drown taste and odor in Betty’s cookies but no soap. Went to town about 1:30, by myself. Back at 2 and studied history while Betty read some of her early literary efforts to me – sort of dragged out the history process. About 4:30 we went to P.O. with Mary and Kath. Letter from Mum. Went over to tearoom and the kids had cigarettes. Betty nearly choked and says never again! Saw Mr. Fowler. Don’t like Katherine – never did. Back to hall. Washed clothes. Dinner at 6 – good. Studied, read, ironed in evening. Am reading book on education by John Dewey. Good. Borrowed Mary’s radio. Bed about 12. This can’t go on – what to do?????